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Why Everyone Should Visit Amsterdam at Least Once

With its beautiful architecture, captivating scenery and fascinating history, it’s no wonder Amsterdam is a long standing favorite city break. We are the best provider of affordable luxury holidays Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has a fantastic public transport network, so it is easy to take a tram, bus, or metro pretty much anywhere in the city. If you’re more of a wanderer or on a tight budget, don’t worry; the city is very flat and walkable, as long as you stay out of the bike lane and don’t mess with people on two wheels. The scale in order of importance on the roads seems to be: trams, bikes, pedestrians, then cars. But if you are looking for best hotel booking travel agency Amsterdam we are the one.

The food in Amsterdam is incredible – from street food finds to fancier restaurants, nearly everything I had was worth writing home about. The traditional Dutch desserts are particularly delicious, but there are also so many vegetarian-friendly restaurants and many entirely vegan cafés that serve healthier options when you’ve had one too many stroopwafels. Most trendy cafés and breakfast spots have oat/soy/almond milk available, so dairy-free drinks are easy to find too.

The canal isn’t just there for pretty pictures, there’s also a lot of buzz and activity around it. A canal cruise is one of the best ways to see the city and there are many you can try. You can take on your standard canal cruise in a traditional canal boat, or opt for a more active option of a canal bike or hire your own mini boat for the day. We have a few cruises on our site which you can book before which are the Beer and Burgers Cruise or a more subtle and romantic Candlelight Cruise. Hotels in Amsterdam.

Ready to wander around this European beauty? Here are some of ideas on what to do, see and eat on your first trip to Amsterdam!