Popular Hotels at Shanghai

Shanghai is full of beautiful contrasts

Shanghai, China’s largest city, offers many exciting sightseeing opportunities for travelers. Despite having a population of more than 24 million, this always busy city offers a number of quieter historic districts and places to visit alongside its many newer tourist sites. One of the world’s busiest container ports thanks to its position at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the city also provides opportunities for exploration by water along the Chinese coast and its inland waterways. My Travel Online is the best hotel booking company in shanghai.

Things to do here include visiting the city’s world-class museums and art galleries, such as the Shanghai Museum and the China Art Museum; wandering through lovely gardens and parks; or getting in some shopping, especially in the “New World” pedestrian area with its luxury boutiques and galleries. Also fun is exploring the city’s many fine old temples and traditional pagodas. You will find affordable luxury Holidays Shanghai for us.

Shanghai is home to a unique style of lane house called shikumen, which combines Western and Chinese elements. At one time, the style comprised 60 per cent of all Shanghai housing. Today, many lanes are being preserved and turned into trendy shopping and dining areas. The most popular is Xintiandi, a fashion-forward, walking-only entertainment district in the heart of the city. Another, Tianzifang, is the perfect place to get lost among the crowd. Even the city’s hotels are clocking onto architecture trends. Our website is the best travel agency Shanghai.

ake a day trip to one of Shanghai’s many water towns that surround the city. These ancient areas built on canals offer a tranquil getaway from the fast-paced city center. Some are more commercialized than others, but all offer a beautiful look into traditional bridges and houses that once typified this area of the country. One town, Qibao, is even accessible by metro. Don’t forgot to book any hotels from us when you will visit Shanghai.